Removing Special Characters from uploaded file name in PHP

Uploaded file name is very vital to insert, update and retrieve media or other data. sometimes during uploading files filename contains some special characters (like $%^& etc.) which create complexity. that’s why we try to avoid special characters in our filename in the database. we can remove special characters from the uploaded filename by using a simple regular expression.

preg_replace(‘/[^a-zA-Z0-9_ -]/s’,”,$string);

If we want to keep some specific special character like “(  ) / . % – &” then we just need to change it as follows

preg_replace(‘/[^a-zA-Z0-9_ %\[\]\.\(\)%&-]/s’,”,$string);    [It removes “(  ) / . % – &” from filename]


Turn Off Deprecated type Warning in PHP

sometimes in our PHP website a unwanted warning appears called “Deprecated: mysql_connect(): The mysql extension is deprecated and will be removed in the future: use mysqli or PDO instead in D:\xampp\htdocs\opencart\system\database\mysql.php on line 7″. 

this is just a simple warning nothing so serious, so we can easily stop this type of warning from our website. To do so we need to add a Line of code to the top of the .php file like the following:


error_reporting(E_ALL ^ E_DEPRECATED);

Or just add @ in front of mysql_connect () function like this:

@mysql_connect($hostname, $username, $password);

by following these two procedure we can easily remove unwanted Deprecated type errors.